Our Process

At Victoria Veneered Doors we sit down and carefully plan out Our Process through each individual project that we take on.
Take a look at our Processing Stages below.

Specifications Arrive

We receive the specification/architect's plan for the upcoming project. Based off the specification we make a 
plan on how to deliver the project to the specified requirements.


Acquire Veneer

We acquire the required veneer species and cut (Crown Cut or Quarter Cut) for the project from a specific log.


Layons stitched

The leaves of veneer are then selected from each Bundle for figure and colour match and stitched together in house to produce matching Layons which are ready to be applied to the door core.


Apertures Cut

Any required apertures are cut into the door to the specification prior to veneering. We have a choice of aperture design whether it is the most frequently used or a bespoke detail to your design. After veneering the vision panels are factory glazed.


Veneer applied to Door

Heated presses are used in the bonding of the veneer to the specified door blank. This is then sanded through our calibrating sander and finally finished by hand prior to being sent to our in house polishing shop.


Finishing shop

There are a multitude of different finishes which can be applied to our doors, including stains, varnishes, dyes and lacquers.
Our polishing shop expertly applies the required finishes to achieve the final desired aesthetic.



We provide UK wide supply and delivery for our doors.